Master Your Light Through Experiences

Sacred Light is an organization of people who believe in a holistic natural wellness approach to find our true essence. Heath in all our spheres. Gain more consciousness to shift lifestyle, we accompany you in this process. 

Sacred Light is a multi-diverse self-conscious organization of light warriors who believe in wellness through a natural holistic approach to find our true essence in life. By gaining more consciousness about our relationship with ourselves and the world, we can shift our focus and actions to bring more health into our lifestyles. We are here to fully support and accompany you in this process.


We humbly offer with support, confidence, awareness, compassion, beautiful and profound healing experiences in many various holistic aspects regarding healthy lifestyles choices. We are here to guide you through this journey of self-transformation with the power of self/healing, reiki and energy therapy, breathwork sessions and retreats, one-on-one sessions, seminars, life-changing experiences for whoever is on the path to self-discovery or not. We explore and dive deep into reaching our best potential and be in accordance with our true divine essence. 


The light is in each and every one of us, and we can help you achieve it. Whether you feel ready or not, it is never too late to embrace a new path that might lead you to the universal truths that lie deep within ourselves. We explore the light within and make it grow stronger for you to become empowered in every aspect of your life. 


Are you ready to see the world with new eyes ? Are you ready to take your first breath as if you were born anew ? Are you ready to experience higher levels of consciousness for you to vibrate at the level that you deserve ? Let's take this next step together for you to be able to shine your own light and express your gifts to the entire world ! We truly believe that everyone possesses and can connect with their inner power to harness and activate the sacred light within.


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Sacred YinCandlelit Yin Yoga & Reiki

Every Tuesday 7h30-9hpm

The Bridge, 116 Vernon St, Nelson, BC 

Candlelit Yin Yoga & Reiki is a unique, deep, meditative and profound practice for an ultimate relaxation before going to sleep. Infused in the more passive holds, the yin reiki style involves surrendering into poses and exploring them for longer periods of time with focused energy in order to calm down the nervous system and let go blockages stored in the spiritual, mental, astral, and physical body.


Learn Reiki 

Reiki Level 2 Certificate 

September 27th, 2021

2109 Svoboda Road, Nelson BC 


In this seminar, you will not only learn about the nature of Reiki energy, its origins and methods of transmission, but also the nature of initiation, the different Reiki levels and systems, the principles and benefits, the essence of the chakras, thought-forms, the planes of existence, an enormous variety of techniques for treating at the core energetic level !


Shiva Shakti Weekend Retreat

Stay tune for fall season
Mountain Waters Retreat Center, Nelson, BC 


Opening Cacao Ceremony & Yin Yoga - 4 Delicious, Vegan, GF, Organic Meals - 3 Yoga classes - Special meditation - Grounding activities - Creation of your dreamcatcher - Hike & picnic to the beach - Tenting on a Sacred Land (bring your own camping gear, no shower) - Ecstatic dance - Closing ceremony


Retreat Sacred Light 5 days Mexico

November 24th to 28th 2021, Jungle of Puerto Morelos, Mexico 


RECONNECT, RECHARGE, REFOCUS. Like-minded sisters, together as a tribe we open raw and recharge through the ancient practices of yoga, meditation, ayurveda, exploration of the sacred land, participation to ceremonies, creative expression and earth medicine. 


“The soul of the Universe awaits to enfold you in pure white light.”