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You must be the change you wish to see in the world.



Life is a path that needs to be cherished. We are so blessed to be here, fully present, and we want to make sure we don't waste energy on things that doesn't serve our highest good and for the betterment of mankind.

The profound values we are nourishing are primordial and integrated in every action we take to make sure we serve you the best. In this sacred journey every second counts.  



Being authentic is being honest in all forms. We are true towards ourselves and others as well, with clarity in every action. Embracing the truth from GrandFather Sun. 



Flow with the energy of truth. Connect harmoniously. Get the support you require for your personal growth and help the evolution of people that surrounds you. Feeling aligned with your actions. Grounded to the energy of the earth & open to love



Get inspired from what the abundant universe brings into your path. Inspire people and your environment. Welcome every situation with love and share your gift with loving pride.



We are all connected in the same energy field. I am you as you are me. Give what you want to receive back and be conscious of every thought, word and action you take.



We are all beings of light. Light offers so many significations. It is energy, power, understanding, illumination, radiance, gentle and delicate, not heavy either too serious, simplicity. At the end, the word LIGHT indicates the way to freedom, the core of our mission.



Yoga, Reiki, Women's Circle

What Eymie loves and cherishes the most is creating sacred and safe spaces where it is allowed to explore and be more in touch with our higher selves. 

Eymie has been exploring the "infinite" world through travelling and her various practices, untangling herself from the illusion of limitation for five years now, a way of living that she is passionate about and constantly learning more every day. Her entire perception of life changed from her nomadic lifestyle, travelling through mostly South & Central America and Mexico. From there, she started to grow a strong desire to share her knowledge and help people who want to make changes in the world from a place of love. Since then, she has created and hosted several women's retreats in East Canada, Mexico and Guatemala. She lives a minimalist lifestyle, obtained a 200h YTT, and lived four months in an Ashtanga-practice-focused Ashram. She also accomplished a Reiki Grand Master's certification (9 levels) with an exceptional academy and devoted teacher, Brana. 

Now, she humbly uses the passed-on skills and wisdom for her daily life, private therapy, Reiki level 1, 2, and Master's degree tuition and hosts a Yin Yoga & Reiki session every week in the town of Nelson.

Sacred Space Creator




Reiki, Breathwork

Nicolas reconnected in 2017 with the power of magnetism and energetic healing therapy. He found his way back again in completing his Usui Reiki Training course in 2020. He is now an accomplished Reiki Grand Master and offers seminars and private sessions. Since his early childhood, the desire to help one another never left him and his desire to help people change themselves is growing even more.

After completing studies in Arts and Letters, Theater and Cinema, then in International Cooperation (humanitarian help) ; his near-death experiences beautifully transformed his perception of the world and enforced his desire to share the universal truths of the universe that lies within. After 4 years of living in the occidental busy way of life downtown Montreal, Nicolas-Gabriel left everything behind him and then moved to the west coast of British Columbia.

Focusing and transmuting his energy inwards, currently living in the mountains since almost three years, Nicolas is currently training to become a SOMA Breath Master Instructor and Health Coach. He intends to embrace his 200h YTT with Kula Collective in 2023.


Nicolas-Gabriel is now ready to be the change he wants to see in the world and inspire, shift and encourage healing in so many areas, with the power of Breathwork, Energetic Healing, and Yoga. Nicolas-Gabriel believes that in order to achieve greatness, we must fully step in and take our power back ! 

Spiritual Warrior 

Yoga 200h TTC

Creation of women's retreats
Reiki Gran Master - 9 levels
Creation of Candlelit Yin & Reiki
Creation of Call of the Moon 

Living 4 months in a Ashtanga Ashram

Experiencing deeply the 8 Limbs living minimalism lifestyle



Based in Canada, Mexico and Salvador, while also having families across the world to form our network, we are here to serve for the best of humankind, to increase the vibratory rate of Mother Earth, and the evolution of our planet in a more harmonious and conscious way of living.

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