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Do the things that you fear, and the death of fear

will be certain.



We want to ignite a global spiritual awakening to reach out a global community for the betterment of mankind and the evolution of our planet's true needs; a communal and harmonious place to live. Our method is based on the traditional Japanese Holy Fire Usui Reiki System, the traditional yogic system, modern understanding of science, shamanism and psychology.

The different opportunities offered to you, while working with us, are to reach deeper states of meditation safely and obtain all the benefits of all those systems. Also, by reconnecting to your individual freedom, you will restore your personal balance in your hemispheres, with the power of yoga, reiki, breathwork and activation of self-healing.

Henceforth, you will reach the full optimal health state, empowerment, freedom, life upgrades, shifting your focus, creating new environment, having certifications, more inner-peace and achieving greatness. We will explore what needs to be changed in your life with a multi-diversified tool kit to help you heal and get what you want in life.

Creative gentle or power vinyasa flow 

Candlelit Yin & Reiki

Private session

Reiki private therapy session

Reiki teaching

level 1, 2 & Master

Candlelit Yin & Reiki

Ecstatic Dance & Breathwork


breathwork techniques

Private session

Women's circle

Transformational workshops

Moon cycle



We offer a huge holistic transformational skill set for every one that is ready to reach new states. We work on a mindful, emotional, spiritual, energetic and soul level. Our strength is to create a safe space in sacred environments so that feeling of security is present to be able to release what doesn't serve us anymore. Henceforth, we adjust our talents to the different needs of our clients. We have a magnificent diversity of specialized energetic healers, yoga teachers, breath therapists, breath instructors, wellness coaches that form our big network of professionals around the world and so much more. We combine modern-day science, psychology, as well as ancient teachings to find the perfect bridge in every possible situation. We can cover so many aspects, our diverse team specializes with reconnection, removing any blocked emotion in the energetic centres, visualization, chakra harmonization, acknowledgement, self-acceptance, letting go, forgiveness, freedom, releasing and balancing the vibratory rate, and so much more.

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