Women's Retreat - Mexico November 2021


With this formation, you’ll learn how to self-heal and balance your body, emotions and mind. Awaken the energy channel within you, connect and access with a divine universal energy field and divine particle inside of you, learn about clinical trial results on Reiki, balance the healing of your loved ones, reattune into an unconditional love vibration and give energy to your family and friends, pets, plants, water and food. You will also receive a certificate recognized by the Canadian Reiki Association and the Canadian Naturo-Therapy Association.


Learn the truth about the energy therapy.

In this seminar, you will not only learn about the nature of Reiki energy, its origins and methods of transmission, but also the nature of initiation, the different Reiki levels and systems, the principles and benefits, the essence of the chakras, thought-forms, the planes of existence, an enormous variety of techniques for treating at the core energetic level !

Once you get attuned by a Reiki Master, Reiki will always be with you. It will forever be a great tool for your personal development. Reiki will flow in whichever part of your body to naturally ignite the self-healing capacity that resides inside everyone. It will help you on the emotional, mental and energetic planes. ''Reiki is used in a combination with other therapies in many health and wellness institutions, such as hospitals, rehabilitation and mental care clinics, substance withdrawal clinics and senior care facilities.''- DivineYu Center.

The Reiki practitioner, opens a flowing channel of energy to clear the energy blockages and expand the energy capacity of the energetic centers to help accelerate the treatment. ''The attunement process is what makes this system stand apart from others. You cannot learn Reiki through reading about it, it has to be passed down from master to student. Benefit from the most advanced Reiki system, [...]. To become a true master, it is necessary not only to learn the technique of working with Reiki energy, but also to learn about its tradition, philosophy and history.'' ''It is important to love life in all its manifestations, to feel your purpose in this world and to be tolerant of people who have opposing opinions as well.'' - DivineYu Center