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My Sacred Light acknowledges that its teaching follows the Reiki schooling method recognized by Divine Yu Academy. My Sacred Light's teachers completed Reiki Level 9 with Brana.


With this formation, we learn how to self-heal and balance our body, emotions and mind. We connect and access a divine universal energy field inside of us by awakening the energy channel within us. Tap into a profound relaxation method and discover the truth about energy therapy.


We will discuss worldwide clinical trial results on Reiki. Furthermore, we will learn how to support the healing of your loved ones, reattune to an unconditional love vibration and give energy to our family, friends, pets, plants, water and food. In this seminar, we will also learn the nature of Reiki energy, its origins and methods of transmission; the nature of initiation and work with the energy; the Reiki levels; principles for energy and its benefits; common misconceptions; the essence of the chakras, aura, energy channels; meditation techniques used in Reiki; how to properly organize sessions with patients; prejudices related to the nature of energy and thought forms.


Upon completion, you will receive a First-Degree Certificate recognized by the Canadian Reiki Association and the Canadian Naturo-Therapy Association. 


The First Degree of the Usui Reiki has no prerequisites. Even children can easily learn this technique and apply it successfully.


Reiki practitioner opens a flowing channel of energy to clear the energy blockages and expand the energy capacity of the energetic centers to help accelerate treatments. Reiki will flow in whichever part of your body to ignite the self-healing capacity that resides inside everyone naturally. Energy healing helps on the emotional, mental and energetic planes, where it is needed the most. The more a practitioner uses Reiki, the clearer and stronger the flow becomes.


Reiki is used in combination with other therapies in many health and wellness institutions such as hospitals, rehabilitation and mental care clinics, substance withdrawal clinics and senior care facilities. It is essential to love life in all its manifestations, feel your purpose in this world, and be tolerant of people with opposing opinions.



Reiki Level 1: TBA, Fall 2024
Duration: 1 day

Ruby Rose Temple, Nelson, BC

$200CAN incl. tx


Fees: $200 for new students of Reiki, $80 for Reiki initiates that already did Reiki 1 with My Sacred Light, and $150 for Reiki initiates from other schools. 

Price package Reiki 1, 2 & Master: $650CAN incl. tx

(payment plan available $130/month).



Align with wisdom,

Be happy,

Balance unconditional love with discernment,

Be grateful for all teachings,

Respect free will of every human,

Be kind to every living being,

Focus on creating good,

Live in harmony with nature.

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