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In Harmony, Manifest Your Truth

My Sacred Light acknowledges that its teaching follows the Reiki schooling method recognized by Divine Yu Academy. My Sacred Light's teachers completed Reiki Level 9 with Brana.


Send distance Reiki, and learn about an emotional release method, protection, and manifestation.

Upon completion, you will receive a Second-Degree Certificate in the Reiki Usui system from My Sacred Light Academy.

The Second-Degree Reiki class takes us deeper into the system of Reiki by giving us tools to begin our journey as professional Reiki practitioners. We will learn how to perform distant treatments and develop our intuition. We will practice focusing and directing energy for specific conditions and purposes.



We will learn ancient symbols for increasing the capacity of Reiki energy channels, for protection, emotional releases and resolving patterns of behaviour, for bridging time & space, for distance energy healing, and an emergency symbol. Furthermore, we will discover methods for the manifestation of goals. We will practice prana breathing for rejuvenation and anti-aging plus a special breathing technique for self-confidence.

The Reiki Level 2 experience is incredibly transformational and therapeutic. You'll learn about advanced methods for self-healing and balancing the body, emotions and mind. You'll practice by giving and receiving Reiki energy or self-therapy. You can start providing professional Reiki sessions after the Second-Degree Reiki class or use it more effectively for yourself.

Duration: 2 days, 16 hours of practice.

Fees: 250$

Contact or to register.



Reiki Level 2: TBA, Fall 2024
Duration: 2 days

Ruby Rose Temple, Nelson, BC

$250CAN incl. tx


Fees: $250 for new students of Reiki, $130 for Reiki initiates that already did Reiki 2 with My Sacred Light, and $200 for Reiki initiates from other schools. 

Price package Reiki 1, 2 & Master: $650CAN incl. tx

(payment plan available $130/month).



Align with wisdom,

Be happy,

Balance unconditional love with discernment,

Be grateful for all teachings,

Respect free will of every human,

Be kind to every living being,

Focus on creating good,

Live in harmony with nature.

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